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Pic from google~x sempat snap

Pictures taken from google ~x sempat snap
Anda pernah dengar mengenai "Batu Serai" ? 

2 weeks before CNY , I went to Amcorp Mall in PJ to buy my things and at the same time I do my window shopping as usual. I always go to Amcorp Mall because less crowd and near to my house. While walking I saw one stall selling various of stones and crystals. I was telling to myself this is new and must check it out....eager want to know because from far I can see the shining2 thingy.

The moment I reached the kiosk immediate asked the person in-charge what kind of stones is that. Then he told me that stones known as ''Batu Serai. Then again I asked from where the stones came from ? He said they got it from those pokok serai yang ada bunga. According to the person in-charge you cannot find the batu serai from the normal pokok serai. Only pokok serai with the bunga can do and must do special prayers. This is more to mystic things and only expert person whom really got that knowledge can do the prayers.  

Menurut Encik Efrizal , peniaga kedai tersebut batu-batu seperti dalam gambar di atas adalah batu semula jadi yang telah dititipkan dengan bacaan doa dan ayat2 suci Al-Quran berdasarkan tarikh lahir anda. 

Batu Kristal

Encik Efrizal the one with black shirt attending his customers. They sell perfumes and other stuff too. 

Selain daripada batu serai dan kristal, anda juga boleh membeli barangan lama seperti keris pusaka dan juga koleksi peribadi. 


Ini adalah senarai nama batu yang mengikut bulan kelahiran anda. Mine "Peridot" because I born month of August....month of independence.  For further information about the price or any clarification you may contact Encik Efrizal at 017-388 8729 or else log on to their website

You may refer to the link below here for your reference if you want to ;



  1. ooo .. did u buy?
    I think it is d same as crystal...
    some ppl they are wearing crystal bracelet for some good fortune, luck, good love n etc...

    1. I didn't buy...ya true most people but crystal for Fengshui...

  2. I never heard about Batu Serai oo~


    1. Actually I also never heard before.....usually malay/muslim more wear it. It is more to religious thing if am not mistaken.

  3. I did watch a program on tv long time back on the batu serai and seems like this can be true. I think people wear stones for luck and other reasons but I certainly don't believe in that.

    1. Oh really...sometimes I also don't believe on luck :-)

  4. i heard about it and its true dear. Happen to my cousin's house....dia amik batu tu buat gelang and rantai. Gali bawah pokok serai tu....akan nampak that batu dalam tanah. Wallahualam.

    1. Leez itulah pasal masa I nampak batu tu pun something attracted me to find out because so colorful and shining....kata org yg jual tu bukan sebarang orang bole gali kena ada ilmu agama juga sebab kena ada baca sikit...wallahualam.


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