Tuesday, 10 May 2011


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Hope everybody will be fine and always happy....today entry I would like to mention about one of my blogger friend who really kind and very helpful to shared his expertise in this blogging space. You can view his http://www.faizalsyukri.com/ to get more information or any questions to him. Well am not really super good in blogging world in fact am still in learning process. Having said that I was grateful to have a few blogger friends whom willing to share their knowledge and willing to teach in order to improve my blogging skills. Really appreciate it a lot. You guys are rock and cool !! From now on I will visit more and do some random view to any blogs {especially those listed as my followers}to search and choose which are the lucky blogger / blogs  I feel really helpful and useful  to get free special write up. I think this is a very good alternative to boost up your blog traffic too...don't you think you agree with me ?

Last but not least to Faizal Syukri again I would like to thank so much for your good and kind assistance. May God always blessing you and your family to.   


  1. terima kasih atas penghargaan yang diberikan... saya sendiri pun masih belajar... dan kita sama2 berkongsi ilmu yang ade :D

  2. Peja takde ape2 pon kalau nak compared ilmu yg awak kongsikan pada saya...saya sangat happy now coz I learned new thing today...:-)

  3. Glad you found some help. Let me check him out too and I need some help too.

  4. Sailor indeed he is very helpful friend you can count on...please drop by to his websites.Thanks for your support dear.

  5. Hi thanks for stopping by..


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